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Pin Options

Spinner - $0.60

Add some fun and flair to your sports pin with a spinning ball, puck or logo. Spinners attach to the pin face and can rotate 360 degrees, "spinning" on the pin.

Slider - $0.60

A slider is a great way to create a unique pin. A slider is a second pin element that fits onto the trading pin's face via a slot or track, allowing the second pin to "slide" back and forth.

Dangler - $0.60

Danglers are perfect for updating your favorite pin by adding a year, state, shape or name. The dangling element requires a second mold and is attached to the pin on a small jewelry ring.

Bobble - $1.00

Give your pin some movement with a bobble head or ball. The bobble effect is created by using a second pin that attaches to the main trading pin with a sturdy spring, allowing the "bobble" motion.

Glitter - $0.12

Glittered enamel is available in a variety of colors, adding a spark to your trading pin that none other can rival. Glitter is a cost-effective option for pins on a budget or to add a little extra appeal for the perfect pin.

Epoxy - No Charge

A clear, protective epoxy coating is added to soft enamel and photo etched pins after the curing process and to offset digital pins to seal the artwork. Although the epoxy comes standard, it is completely optional.

Blinker - $0.99

Battery-powered LED lights are eye-catching additions that can be turned on or off. These red lights will add trading power to your pins.

Cutout - $0.10

Drop the wasted space in any design to add a three-dimensional appeal to your trading pin. Cutouts allow your design to stand free from the background or surrounding areas while keeping the artwork's integrity intact.

Glow in the Dark - $0.10

Enjoy your trading pin day and night with our specialty glow-in-the-dark enamels. These unique enamels capture light and emit steadily in the dark.

With every trading pin order we do, all of the details are checked with you, the client, to ensure you're getting exactly what you want. We hold our standards in quality to the highest level. Rest assured that your standards will be met whenever you order your trading pins through us. We recommend ordering your trading pins before the big rush right before the start of the tournaments. We guarantee delivery within 14 days of your purchase during our less busy season.

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